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Brief History of Holy Cross

Early in 1993 during a "chance"  meeting of three Orthodox Christians, an idea was born. As residents of Daytona, the three discussed the need and feasibility of establishing an English-speaking Orthodox Church to serve all ethnic backgrounds in the Daytona area.

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2016 Clergy Symposium Lectures

Direct links to the lectures by His Eminence Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos. Audio will open in new window.

Lecture 1: Orthodoxy Theology and Western Theology

Lecture 2: Orthodox Psychotherapy in Relation to Modern Western Psychology

Lecture 3: Biology, Bioethics, and Biotheology

Thought for the Day

"It is not necessary to roam heaven and earth after God or to send our mind to seek Him in different places. Purify your soul, O son of man, remove from yourself the thought of memories outside of nature; hang the veil of chastity and humility before your impulses. By means of these you will be able to find Him who is within you." -- St. Isaac the Syrian

Becoming Truly Human: the Spirit of Orthodox Christian Evangelism

by Sdn. Adam Lowell Roberts


Many of you may be familiar with the new Antiochian Archdiocese program Becoming Truly Human. Becoming Truly Human is a new evangelism program available to every parish in the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America, and the ministry has been blessed to be shared with other jurisdictions.


Father Michael Byars

Born in 1953 in Lancaster, SC, Father Michael Byars was raised as a Southern Baptist and was very active in the church. After graduating from high school, he was awarded a scholarship by his local Baptist congregation to study Art at the University of South Carolina. He struggled with what his vocation would be until he felt God's call to ministry.


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